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The Moment

The moment when, after many yearsof hard work and a long voyageyou stand in the centre of your room,house, half-acre, square mile, island, country,knowing at last how you got there,and say, I own this, is the same moment when the trees unloosetheir soft arms from around you,the birds take back their language,the cliffs fissure and collapse,the air moves back from you like a waveand you can't breathe.No, they whisper. You own nothing.You were a visitor, time after timeclimbing the hill, planting the flag, proclaiming.We never belonged to you.You never found us.It was always the other way round.

Kyoka MizoguchiAndre ParrillaDemetrius McWhorter

Paraphrase- In the poem, the speaker is describing an experience between his or herself and nature. Speaker- The speaker is unknown. However, we do know that the speaker is passionate about nature and the care for nature. The speaker also mentions man's inability to care for our natural environment. Figurative Language- In Line 1-2, "hardwork and a long voyage" is an example of imagery. This imagery describes climbing a journey. "trees unloose their soft arms from around you" is an example of metaphor and of personification. Trees don't have arms. In Line 10, "the air moves back from you liek a wave" The air is compared to a wave through simile. Attitude- The tone of this poem is calm, reflective, contemplate.Shifts- The second stanza is where the shift occurs. The transition is made with the keyword "moment" which is also the title.Title- The title provides the overall subject of the poem, which helps determine the theme. Theme/Message- The overall message of the poem is the importance of nature and providing care for nature. It supports the idea of human beings always being apart of nature and NEVER being above nature.

Complete DestructionWilliam Carlos Williams It was an icy day.We buried the cat,then took her boxand set fire to itin the back yard.Those fleas that escapedearth and firedied by the cold.

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THE GOLD OF NATURE by Leonid Afremov

The Moment

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Cloudy by Simon and GarfunkelCloudyThe sky is gray and white and cloudy,Sometimes I think it's hanging down on me.And it's a hitchhike a hundred miles.I'm a rag-a-muffin child.Pointed finger-painted smile.I left my shadow waiting down the road for me a while.CloudyMy thoughts are scattered and they're cloudy,They have no borders, no boundaries.They echo and they swellFrom Tolstoy to Tinker Bell.Down from Berkeley to Carmel.Got some pictures in my pocket and a lot of time to kill.Hey sunshineI haven't seen you in a long time.Why don't you show your face and bend my mind?These clouds stick to the skyLike floating questions, why?And they linger there to die.They don't know where they are going, and,my friend, neither do I.Cloudy,Cloudy.

Afremov, L. (Artist). (2014). THE GOLD OF NATURE [Print Photo]. Retrieved from Williams, W. (n.d.). Retrieved from atwood. (2013). Retrieved from http:/ and garfunkel – cloudy lyrics. (2014). Retrieved from and garfunkel/cloudy_20124729.html

Margaret Atwood, a novelist, a short-story writer, a poet, and a critic, was born in 1939 in Ottawa, Canada. She grew up in northern Ontario and Quebec, and in Toronto. Atwood connects with the poem because she has a deep relationship with nature, which she expresses in the poem. The author is aware of the history of her ccoutry, especially in the colonial times. She understands the destruction of nature during that time.

Margaret Atwood


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