The Model T

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The Model T

The Model T

The Model T is famous for being the very first affordable car for a majority of Americans. Henry Ford first created this car on October 1st 1908. These cars were manufactured until May 27th, 1927. These Models, also known as the “Tin Lizzies,” were built in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan. More than 15 million Model T’s were made in these two places. Having this car be affordable for vast amounts of Americans truly changed how our world traveled and lived. This car also resulted in advancements in the assembly-line manufacturing system.


Key People

Henry Ford was the inventor of the Model T. The idea to have a car was not invented by him, but he was the man who invented an affordable car for many middle-class citizens, made advancements in the assembly line, and he was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Henry ford was not alone in the long process of making this automobile. Ransom E. Olds was responsible for inventing the assembly line which helped in the production of the Model T. This line helped make the Model T affordable and therefore famous. This is because the Model T was famous because many Americans could buy this car.

Key Events

Henry Ford watched the fifteen millionth model of the Model T roll off of the assembly line in Michigan on May 26, 1927. This remarkable vehicle was produced for 19 years and the production of the vehicle stopped the day after the fifteen millionth model was produced. On January 26, the Model T production moved. At this time the US was the highest car manufacturing country in the world.


Impact on USA

The Model T impacted the Untied States in many ways. This one vehicle made way and started a strong basis for all other cars that would be manufactured after Henry Fords affordable invention. This car also made vehicles in the price range for almost every single middle-class person in the United States. This impacted our society vastly, because now a plethora of people could travel faster, more independently, and further than ever before. Our society ran off of cars instead of trains, and the world started to run differently. Now instead of using trains you could travel by automobile. Although a common misconception, the Model T was not the first car incvented. Cars started being manufactured 13 years before the Model T was invented, but the difference between Henry Ford's car and the other cars was that his was affordable. Also, due to the fact that many people were starting to use cars, gas/ fuel companies started to grow and the car industry started to make rise to another large company: fuel.

Fun Fact

At the age of 13, Ford took apart a pocket watch his father had given him, and then he reassembled the watch to perfection.


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