The Mist

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The Mist

Chapter 1 and 2The most vicious storm ever hit the entire western Maine region on July 19 in Northern New England.Billy, David, Steff live at the edge of the lake, and they saw the first of the storm pushing its way toward them. David knew that their was always a "calm before the storm," and he said he can feel this time the storm is coming. David's family goes inside because Billy spots a water cyclone tearing the landscape apart as it makes its way toward them. As they get inside, ‘it starts to rain and the storm is upon them” engulfing everything. What was once filled with color and life quickly becomes darkness.David's family goes downstairs because the storm gets even worse. As soon as they get downstairs, the power goes off and David has to get candles so that Billy won’t be scared.The storm knocked down a couple of trees near the house, but one falls and breaks through the living room window, causing the room to be filled with pine needles.That night, David dreams of God coming down from the sky, and a weird mist following him, which turns everything into a purple-white flame.The storm was over in the morning, and everyone was outside assessing the damage that the storm did to their property. There were broken fences, fallen trees, damaged houses and boat houses. The, worst damage was done to the power lines because they produced sparks, however, the ground was wet and a fire couldn’t start.David was scared that Billy would touch or fall into the power lines. So, David goes to check on the boat house, and when he's there he notices a weird fog on his friend’s yard a couple hundred yards away. David starts to go work on cutting trees that have fallen down on his property, when he was almost done he noticed that the fog was now half way across the lake moving towards their house. Steff gives a list of groceries and stuff they need to David so that he can go and buy the goods. Before David can leave, his neighbor, Brent comes over because he’s having problems with his chainsaw.Brent needs a chainsaw because a tree fell on his car and he wants to cut it. David asks if Brent wants to go to the grocery store in town with Billy Both Brent and David were drinking beer, but they couldn't get drunk because they were sweating everything out too fast. In the book David says, I haven't seen my wife since then" giving the reader a clue that something happened and it has to do with the mist that he saw on the lake. As they drive into town they try to get a signal on the radio, but everything is down. David is driving his jeep and as they pull up into the parking lot someone backs out of a spot close to the entrance so he pulls in. Before David goes into the store he tries to call Steff on the payphone but their is no answer. The only thing people are talking about in the grocery store is the "Arrowhead project."

Chapter 3 and 4 The power was off because of the storm, and there was no air conditioning in the store. The storm caused chaos and panic in the store. Billy, Brent, and David made their way through the store picking up everything that was on the list that Steff gave to David. As they got closer to the entrance of the store, all they could hear was the sound of sirens. After they heard the firetrucks, Billy asked David if those trucks are going to “mommy.” A child rushed through the entrance of the store yelling that the fog is coming, and some people stayed in line, while others left to go watch the fog through the windows. Other people went outside to see what was happening. Mrs.Carmody, who is a lady that preaches inside the store throughout the whole book about "The end of the World," she says this because she believes that the fog is a punishment for their sins.One person goes outside to see what is happening, and he goes inside the fog. He makes it back inside only with a bloody nose. He says there is “something in the fog.” As soon as the fog got close to the people, everyone started panicking and running outside with groceries they haven’t paid for. The owner, Mr.Brown, was angry at everyone because they were shoplifting. When the fog almost was up against the store, people started to hear the screams of other people that were outside because they were being pulled into the fog by something. Then after the smoke was upon them, there was an earthquake and the store fell three feet from its original position. Because the people in the grocery store were so scared, some of them didn't know what they were doing and they ran into the mist. All they wanted is to see their children that were at home. Since the fog was no normal fog, it was denser and the generator got clogged and the smell of diesel fumes was in the air. David turned off the generator, but when he was doing that he heard the sound of something slimy crawling on the docking doors of the grocery store. The only way they could turn on the generator was to go outside and move whatever was in the way of the exhaust pipe. They fixed the problem, but the generator died again. The loading-bay door still was open and a tentacle reached inside and pulled Norm into the mist. The tentacles sucked the blood out of Norm, and they couldn't save him. So, they turned on the generator and closed the doors. While the doors were closing, three tentacles got inside, and the ends of the tentacles got cut off by the closing door.

Chapter 5 and 6David put Billy to sleep, and he covered him with a rug that he found in the back when they got back from turning on the generator. Then David grabbed a beer with Jim, Myron, Ollie and some local kids that David knew. Even though everyone was drinking beer, no one got drunk because it was too hot to get drunk. There were about 78 people in the store before the mist surrounded the store. The mist created some holes in the front windows, and David used some clothes to stuff those holes so that nothing would get inside the grocery store. David wanted to tell Brent and the rest of the people there what was happening, but Brent was scared. Brent thinks that David is trying to pull a prank on him. Brent thinks that because David was famous for pulling pranks on everyone, and he even bought a fog machine just to have some laughs. Mrs.Carmody is still trying to gain power because she believes that they must make a sacrifice to the Gods to stop this mysterious fog. Near the end of Chapter 3, David still wants to tell people the truth, so that they don't go outside and die trying to run away to their families. People believe that the Arrowhead Project was a government experiment that connected their world with an alien world. Mrs.Carmody preaches in the grocery store because she wants the power to sacrifice people to God. Mrs. Carmody believes if they do that then the mist will go away. David and the other guy have an idea that might help them survive a little longer. They barricade the windows with fertilizer, and make little holes in order to see what is happening outside. The men then put people at the holes as guards in case something from the mist attacks them. Afterwards, Brent proposes to get help and gathers a small group of people to leave with him. David wants them to take a 300-meter rope so that they know how far they got before something happens. With that in mind, they strap the rope onto someone. As the small group of people gets 20 feet away, they get attacked by the dark creatures from the mist. David pulls the rope back only to find it covered in blood.

Chapter 7 and 8Mr.McVey, who is a chef, cooks chicken for everyone, and they all eat what he prepared for them. The people at the store all sit in groups, and the only person to sit alone is Mrs. Carmondy. One of David's friends believes that her husband is dead. Ollie is still trying to get drunk, but he can’t because he's sweating it all out. Ollie said that the guards at the windows see things moving out into the mist. When Ollie was talking to David, some type of bug landed on the window. These bugs would fly away when you tapped the window. The bugs made a hole in the glass, and one flew inside the grocery store and killed Tom. These creatures had sharp claw-like hands, with fast wings that when they moved you could not see them. Mrs. Reppler took cans of insecticide and sprayed the bugs with them. This killed the bugs. After the incident, David admits that he has feelings for Amanda because of her amazing eyes and personality. David was in the commercial business, and David was an artist. Their first night in the grocery store was terrible, and they lost a couple of people to the darkness of the mist. In the beginning of Chapter 8, the two soldiers from the beginning of the book (they were part of the Arrowhead project) hung themselves in the generator room. The soldiers did this because they couldn't live with what they have done. David hid the bodies under dog food because he didn’t want to start a panic. David finds Amanda alone in the stairwell by the managers office, and she tells David to make love to her. Now the total number of people in the grocery store is 71. Ollie explains to David that the because they can't see any of the cars in the parking lot because the earthquake created a huge hole in the middle of the parking lot. earthquake. Ollie has a plan. He wants to take some people and move to the pharmacy, which is 20 feet away from the entrance of the grocery store.

The Mist

Stephan King

"It was defying all the laws of nature." page 28

"There's only one chance... A blood sacrifice." page 119

"She was an apocalyps of yellow and dark joy." page 212

Chapter 9-11For the first time, Billy eats something. David tells Billy that he will be leaving to go to the drug store. However, Billy doesn't take it too well. People are so scared that they are joining Mrs. Carmody. They think that she is speaking the truth about the sacrifice. Ollie and the rest of the group hope that there are still people alive at the drugstore who need help. Mrs. Carmody knows that Amanda slept with David last night. They step outside of the grocery store and nothing happens when they enter the drug store there are these weird strings attached everywhere and everyone is dead, David knows something is wrong, and he takes the magazines that Billy asked him for. As they’re about to leave, dog-size spiders start to attack them. Their webs have some kind of flesh-eating acids on them. (That's how they killed everyone in the drugstore.)David, Mrs. Reppler and Ollie are the only ones to survive and make it back into the grocery store. When they get back, Mrs. Carmody has a large group of people supporting her. Ollie knows that they have to leave, and informs Amanda, David and his sons, and a couple of random people. Ollie prepares food and water, and he hides it in one of the registers. When they are ready to leave, they all meet at the front. However, Mrs. Carmody is waiting for them with her group of bandits. She wants to take Billy in order to sacrifice him. Ollie doesn't let that happen. He shoots Mrs. Carmody in the chest and she dies. Then they quickly get into David's car. On the way there, Ollie gets killed and David takes the takes the gun and gets into the vehicle. The people who escaped are Amanda, Billy, David and Mrs. Reppler. They first drive to see if Steff is still alive, but they don't make it because there are a lot of trees blocking the road. They head south to try to find help, but the farther they get from the grocery store, the darker the monsters are in the mist. In the last page of the book, it talks about the fact that the entire book was written by David, and he left it on a countertop in a restaurant for someone to find.


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