The mississipian indians

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The mississipian indians

The Mississipian IndiansBeauty, Culture and Way of Life

Types of food the Mississipian Indians ate were corn, beans, pumpkins, and squash. The mississipians tended to big farms and always grew their own crops.They also grew tobacco plants to smoke for certain ceremonies.

The Mississipian culture began around 700 A.D. Some people called it the Temple Mound period. They are considered the highest prehistoric cilvilvaztion in Georgia.

This is a hut, built by the men in the tribe for shelter.The women helped too with gathering materials for construction.

They were very big on family and togetherness. Their culture was beautiful in this sense because every person in the family unit had his or her own roll to play. The children were taught at an early age to respect every living thing and only kill what they were going to use for food, clothing or shelter.

This is a drawing of what a hut, may have looked like on the inside.

They also grew tobacco plants to smoke for certain ceremonies.

This picture is a picture of the chief of the going to a meeting with other chiefs from other tribes.

This is a picture of the chiefs getting ready for a ceremony.

ReligionThe mississipians had priests and chiefs that led the ceremonies and celestial events, and rituals.

ClothingThe mississipians used animal fur an wheat to make their clothing. For their jelwery they wore neckalces out of animal teeth and bones.


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