The Mink

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The Mink

The Mink

Animal's YoungA baby mink is called a kit or cub. The gestation period is 40-75 days long. The babies are born in April to June. The weight of the babies is 6 grams and are 3.5 inches long. A mink has 4 babies at a time. The largest recorded litter was 16 cubs. When babies are born they are blind and have good sense of smell to stay near the mother. Their eyes open when they are 5 weeks old. At 6-8 weeks, the cubs leave their mother to hunt on their own.

Physical TraitsThe mink is 18 to 28 inches long and can have tails as long as 6 inches. The color of the mink’s fur is usually white, black, or dark brown. The mink has short legs, a long body and a long neck that helps them go into the burrows to chase rats to eat. The mink is a good swimmer and can swim up to 3 hours non-stop.

Biome/HabitatThe Mink lives in the coniferous forest. The climate is cold long snowy winter and humid summers. The mink lives mostly in North America and Europe. In North America it’s found in Canada and most States in America except for Hawaii and Arizona. In Europe the mink is found in many countries like Great Britain and Russia. The land form of the mink is thick pine trees.

Mink's DietThe mink is a carnivore as it eats other animals like crayfish, fish, rats, and frogs. The mink catches fish by chasing them in water and eat rats chasing them on land. The mink kills prey by biting them in the neck. Minks use their good sense of smell to locate and kill their prey. They have small sharp teeth to tear the prey.


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