The Ming Dynasty

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The Ming Dynasty

Ming DynastyBefore the Ming Dynasty was established, China was ruled by the Yuan Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty ruled from 1368 to 1644. During the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall of China and The Great Canal were almost completely rebuilt. Chinese people had to pass examinations if they wanted to get jobs.

Fall of The Ming DynastyIn 1644 Beijing began an army led by Li Zicheng. Zicheng was a former Ming official that became leader of the peasant revolt. Zicheng then proclaimed the Shun Dynasty. Chongzhen, the last Ming Emperor ended his own life. Because he was unable to face his people, dejected and ashamed.

Five Things About The Ming Dynasty1. The founder grew up in proverty 2.The Beijing Capital was called The Forbidden Kingdom3.The Dynasty switched from paper currency to coins4.Blue and white painted porcelain became the first global fad5.Zheng He, was the greatest navigator

Zhu YuanzhangZhu Yuanzhang, was the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. The longest dynasty in China's history. Yuanzhang was one of the first peasants who started a Chinese dynasty. In 1368, Yuanzhang established the Ming Dynasty and set up his capital in the city of Nanjing in Southern China.

The Ming Dynasty


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