[2014] Kenneth Cox (Section 6-3): The mighty mesozoic

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Earth History

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[2014] Kenneth Cox (Section 6-3): The mighty mesozoic

Interresting FactsTheory's about the mass extinction include a meteor collision and climate change. Another fact is that the mesozoic era was the only one with dinasaurs in it.

The MightyMesozoic

By Kenneth Cox

FloraThe majority of flora in the Mesozoic era was few desiduous trees, large ferns and early flowering plants.

FaunaThe fauna of the Mesozoic era was dominated by reptiles. Most of them were dinosaurs. While the dinosaurs dominated the globe mamals slowly evolved.

When it StartedThe Mesozoic era started 245 million years ago.

Year Ended The Mesozoic era ended 65 million years ago.

Why it EndedThe Mesozoic era ended because of a large mass extinction that killed all the dinosaurs

Continents InfoThe continents at the time of the Mesozoic era were all combined in one large landmass called Pangea

Important EventsThe mass extinction of all the dinosaurs


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