The Midnight Ride

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The Midnight Ride

The Midnight Ride

Robert Newman lit the two lanterns in The Old North Church to show that the British were coming by sea.

April 18, 1775Boston, MA

There were about 1,200 British soldiersand they were going to claim Boston as theirs. Paul Revere was not going to let that happen!

Colonist: These were people that came over years earlier to settle and live away from Great Britian.

Red Coats: Nickname for the British soldiers because the soldiers wore bright red coats.

Musket Rifles: Guns that the colonists used to shoot the British soldiers. Everyone had to bring their own one from home.

The British are coming!

Paul Revere, Benjamin Church, Joseph Warren and Samual Adams all warned people that the British were coming by sea.

Paul Revere rode to farms, homes and towns all the way to Concord.



Dr. Joseph Warren told Paul Revere to ride to Lexington Massachusetts, to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were marching to arrest them.

The colonists fought the the British soldiers. They scared them away and got to keep their lives and homes.

Paul Revere worked for the Boston Committee of Correspondence. It was his job to carry letters, news and messages to other cities. Cities as far away as New York and Philadelphia.

Paul Revere was given a horse from Deacon Larkin and he rode it to Isaac Hall House in Medford.

There were 5 total riders that night. Israel Bissell, William Dawes, Sybil Ludington and Samuel Prescott.


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