The middle Kingston - Ancient China

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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The middle Kingston - Ancient China

Main Points of Government• Protected the people from surrounding countries• Maintained a steady food supply• Regulated the people by rules• Made decisions for the country (canals, irrigation systems, war, architecture)

The Middle Kingdom

Main Points of Cities• Easy access to water source• Gave people place to plant crops and keep domesticated animals• Easier to trade with the boats in the canals• The pharaohs and government officials ruled in cities.

This is what architecture in the cities looked like. This is probably where some of the government officials worked because of the statues of other pharaohs.

Main Points of Writing~Hieroglyphics were used~Writing was used to tell stories.~Writing was how ancient Egyptians kept records~Writing was also a way of honoring gods and goddesses.

Main Points of Art~Ancient Egyptians built pyramids.~Irrigation systems were used to make the soil fertil~The Labyrinth (a structure that held about 3500 burial chambers) was built to attempt to stop tomb robbers

This picture shows the layout of the Labyrinth which contained about 3500 burial chambers.

This picture shows some types of hierogyphics that were used in ancient Egypt.

Main points of Social Structure-From the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom there wasn’t a change in the social structure.-1 Pharaoh-2 Nobles and Priests-3 Soldiers-4 Scribes-5 Merchants-6 Artisans-7 Farmers-8 Slaves and Servants.

Main Points of Religion-The Egyptians used religion as a way to explain happenings in the world- The Egyptians believed in many gods but only worshipped Ra on a daily basis-Thebes was the main religious city-Mummification was used to ensure that the person made it to the afterlifel.

writing was used as a means to worship gods.

This pyramid shows the distribution of power in Ancient Egypt.

This picture shows all of the Egyptian gods. The only god who was worshipped daily was Ra.


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