The Middle East

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The Middle East

The Middle East By Derek H.

The Middle East is a major oil producer for many countries including the United States. Because of their major oil manufacuring, I beleive that this will cause conflicts or even wars over oil distrubution.

The Middle East is obiously warmer then it is here because of their location closer to the Equator. Because of this, they have many deserts and dry climates.

The Middle east has different religions then us just like other places. The majority of the Middle East is Islam.

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Just because the Middle east is a main area for terroriests and potential criminals, doesn't make it that different from us. Some things like sunsets come from the inner beauty of their home. So instead of thinking of the Middle East as a horrible place, think of the pros before you start to criticize. We have beauty such as sunsets, and so do we, so they aren't that different in the end.



Another thing The Middle East ishould be known for is it's broad population. The Middle East is one of the most populated areas in that region, that may be the reason why there are so many poor people too.



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