The Middle East

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The Middle East

Euphrates River:The Euphrates river is located in Iran, but provides water for many countries in the middle east.

Jordan river:The Jordan river is located in Israel and provides water to many people who live there and in that area

Tigris river:The Tigris river is a political boundrie for nations as well as a sorce for drinking and irrigation.

Suez cannal:This is a very important trade route from the Mediterranean sea to the Red sea.

Persian gulf:The Persian gulf is a important trade route to the Indian ocean.

Strait of Hormuz:This is a narrow passageway thatconnects the Persianto the Arabian sea.

Arabian sea:This is an important trade route becauseit leads to the Indian ocean.

Red sea: This sea hashelped to allow tradebetween Asia and Africa. They also callIt this becasue of itsred tone.

Gaza strip:This strip is located along the coast of Israel and also naturalboundries.

The Middle East

Rub al-Khali:This is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world. This takes up nearly one third of theArabian Peninsula.

Oil Field: The oil in Southwest Asia is very large in quantityespecially in Saudi Arabia. The oil produced hereis their main money maker but the oil is mainly located in the deserts.

desalination plant:In Southwest Asia there is a large scarcityof water, and the water they have is filled withchemcials, and wastewhich is not used fordrinking so they have these plants to clean their waterso it will be safe to drink.

Bedouins in the Rub al-Khali:In this desert there are manypeople who live there just likeall over the world. These peopleare called Bendouins or the desertpeople. The people who live heretrade and barter instead of go to stores like you and me.



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