The Middle Colonies

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The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies.(Also known as the Best Colonies)



The middle colonies believe in peace with the Native Americans and political freedom. We have some of the best Colonial leaders in the world including the well known and respected, William Penn.

When viewing the landscape of the middle colonies, you'll notice that it is mostly made up of mountains, rivers, valleys, and forests. It has rich and fertile farmland that is useful for agriculture.


The Middle Colonies specializes in farming, fishing and merchanting. We will also trade with the Indians to recieve goods that are in high demand in the triangular trade that is currently going on with other nations around the world.


Here in the Middle Colonies, we the people believe in Religious freedom. These our region as your getaway from the strict Church of England. If you yourself are a quaker, you'll find yourself at peace here.


As mentioned, the middle colonies was founded by men who wanted religious freedom. We honor family life, and community growth more than we value individual growth. If you're looking for a place for your family, the Middle Colonies is the place for you.


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