[2015] Roselyn Hicom: The Middle Ages

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[2015] Roselyn Hicom: The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

Charlemagne was the king of the Franks from 768 to 814. He united much of France, Germany and northen Italaly. When he rise to power his foundation of success was in his military power. He gather his army and went to battle with their foes, when charlemagne defeated his foses he combined their land to form and an alliance with the conquered ruler. In that way he increaed both the size and power of his kingdom. when certain events happen Pope Leo 3rd called on Charlemagne for help and when he succided he was named Emperor of the Roman People. it was suggested that Charlemange's rule had the full backing of the church and of God.

Papal states was a territories in central Italy controlled by the Pope from 756 to 1870.


Charlemegne has trementous power power as emperor,but his empire was so big that it was not easy to rule. He made some changes to his governmen to be both efficent and effective. He select a center for his governmen . he established permanent capital, he also build a huge palace and a cathedral to reflect his own greatness. He chose officials called counts to rule parts of his empire. These counts was bound by oath to obey Charlemegne, in return for their services Charlemagne gave them lands and some authority. Charlemagne asla had inspector to see if the counts was doing their job right and punish them if not.

Charlemagne's Rise to Power

Charlemagene's Rule

A counts was a tittle of nobility; in Charlemagne's empire, chosen officials who ruled parts of the empire.



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