The Middle Ages 1066-1485

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The Middle Ages 1066-1485

The Middle Ages1066-1485


The black plague

The black death killed million of people

Chivalry: a system of ideals and social codes governing the behavior of knights

Sanguine: Blood (blood) Choleric:Yellow (bile/urineMelancholic: Phlegm (snot)phlegmatic: Black (poop)

In the Medieval Period the biggest change was feudalism. It was based on a religious, with god as the overlord. Boys were trained at a early age to become warriors most often the trainnigs were strict and took place in someone's home. Once knighted, the youth became a man with the title sir. Aristocratic were only who could afford huge cost of armor, a horse, and a servant. Knights were heavily armor that weighted 120 pounds. A knight couldn't dress it self it required to be piece it together. Battles had to be scheduled in oreder to get the knight dress in time for the battle. Knights were only given little vision and little ventilation heatstroke were often deadly to a knight in a battle during hot weather. Women had no right at the time. Women had to be subservient to his husband,brother,and father. A women respect that she commanded was determined by her husband and father social standings.


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