The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Conflict The conflict of the story is where the Sheriff of Nottingham tried to caputure and punish Robin Hood and his Merry Men, but Robin always got out of his traps that were laid for him. At the end of the story, Robin killed the Sheriff of Nottingham to get revenge on him because the Sheriff killed Robin's father.

Resolution At the end of the story, Robin Hood killed the Sheriff of Nottingham in revenge for his father. Then, he married Maid of Marian and lived with her and his Merry Men happily ever after until the Priorness killed him when Robin was ill.

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

''Hope, be it never so faint, bringeth a gleam into darkness, like a little rushlight that costeth but a groat''.

By Howard PyleGenre: Classic Fiction

Lexile: 1160

Little John

Sheriff of Nottingham

Characters The protagonist of the story is Robin Hood because he was the good character of the story even though he was the outlaw. He helped people like Allen a' Dale and other people who needed help. The antagonist is the Sheriff of Nottingham because he was fighting against Robin. The point of view is third person omniscient because it does not mention the character as "I" ( 1st person) or "you" ( 2nd person). Here are the main characters of the story:-Robin Hood: Robin is the main character of the book. He was the son of the Earl of Huntington. He was a wise and brave man who was the leader of his outlaw band and "stole" from the rich and gave the money to the poor. -Little John: Little John was Robin's right-hand man. He was Robin Hood's strongest man. -Will Scarlet: Will Scarlet was Robin Hood's cousin. He was a strong fighter. -Friar Tuck: Friar Tuck was the best bowman in England after Robin Hood. He was one of the Merry Men of Robin Hood's band and the Christian Priest who joined Robin and Marian during their wedding. - Sheriff of Nottingham: He was Robin Hood's worst enemy. The Sheriff killed Robin's father. At the end of the story, Robin killed him in revenge for his father. - King Richard: King Richard was a kind man. In the end, he believed in Robin Hood and his good cause and later switched onto Robin's side. - Maid Marian: Maid Marian was the daughter of Lord Fritwater. Robin Hood later rescued her and married her.

Maid Marian

ThemeThe theme of this book is Man vs. Man because Robin Hood and his Merry Men always had to deal with other people and the Sheriff of Nottingham who loathed them very much. Since Robin Hood was very wise and brave, he always escaped from the Sheriff's traps and outsmarted him.

Who was Robin Hood?

Sherwood Forest

Resources iesadormideras/departamentos/ingles/PDF/robin hood.pdf -

Did Robin Hood really exist in Sherwood Forest?

Song: Robin Hood and Little John

King Richard of Lionheart

" He who jumps for the moon and gets it not leaps higher than he stoops for a penny in the mud".

Setting The setting of this book was in Sherwood Forest around the town of Nottingham, London. The time was around the Medival Times in 12th century. During this period, three kings ruled England: King Richard of Lionheart, King Henry II, and King John.


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