The 'Merican Revolution

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The 'Merican Revolution

The American Revolution

Nancy H. -Nancy hart was a patriotic woman -she lived from 1735-1830. -She captured 6 british soldiers -shot one, and killed another

Lyman H. -signed the Declaration of Independence.- He served and as governor. -he lived from 1724-1790


Intolerable acts- a series of punishments-Quartering:house and feed british soldiers- Boston Port:closed the port of Boston untill tea was paid off-Massachusetts Government:altered the government of Massachusetts to bring it under control of the British government.-Administration of Justice :allowed the Royal governor to order that trials of accused royal officials take place in Great Britain

Stamp act-The Stamp Act was imposed on all American colonists and required them to pay a tax on almost every piece of printed paper they used.-Ship's papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, other publications- even playing cards were taxed.

Kettle creek-Led by Elijah Clarke-Austin Dabney was the only African American in battle- February 14, 1779-Patriots won

Valley forge-six month encampment of the Continental Army -newly formed United States of America-under the command of George Washington,- a few miles from Philadelphia- December 1777

Boston tea party-The Boston Tea Party was organized and carried out Sons of Liberty -December 16, 1773-the Sons of Liberty attempted to pass themselves off as indians -340 chests of tea, were dumped into griffen wharf

Sons of liberty-A group of boys that fought for freedom-met under the "liberty tree"-patriots-likley established in 1765

Loyalists - AKA "royalists, tories, and kingsmen"-20% of colonists estimated to be tories-opposed by Patriots-ridiculed and made fun of by Patriots

Patriots-AKA "Rebels" or "Whigs"-40-45% of colonists estimated to be rebels-opposed by Loyalists-tarred and feathered Loyalists

YorktownYorktown-September 28, 1781 -George Washington began the Battle of Yorktown - Yorktown, Virginia-After three weeks, Cornwallis surrendered to Washington -Battle of Yorktown ended on October 17, 1781.


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