The Media Affects

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The Media Affects

The Ideal Body Image

Nowadays, the media plays a big part in a teenager's body image. Advertising in magazines and on television typically glamorizes unattainable and potentially unhealthy physiques for both men and women. Today's female models generally weigh 23% less than the average woman while male models are also becoming thinner and more muscular.

The Media Affects a Teen's Body Image

Article by S. ZeigerThis article examines the impact in which media has on teenager's body image. It investigates what the media promotes and the effects it has on both females and males. This article also provides tips on helping teens to combat the negative effects of the media on body image and how to improve your body image.

‘Stupid Girl’ by P!nk This video shows Pink as an angel and a demon trying to influence the future of a young girl. The angel shows her a series of images demonstrating the stupidity of current trends of female celebrities. Pink also plays characters meant to represent the opposite of "stupid girls". The video ends with the girl choosing to live a successful and productive life instead of living in a narcissistic and pathetic world. The messages within this song suggest that instead of “following the crowd” aim to be independent and unique.


Teen anti drinking campaignThis video shows us the outcomes of excessive drinking at parties. It suggest that in becoming drunk you are more likely to do something you will eventually regret. It also shows that a party can be just as fun without alcohol. The choice is yours to participate in underage drinking, but there is a burden of consequences that comes with this decision.


This image has a positive effect on young people as it is clearly telling you that alcohol is unacceptable and is not the solution to your problems. It demotes underage drinking and hints at the underlying concequences of consuming alcohol.

Anti Smoking Commercial for TeenagersThis video demonstrates a teenager's choice to "follow the crowd". A group of teenager's skip class to obviously go smoke cigarettes. As the clip comes to an end, all the teenagers begin jumping off a cliff. except for one, who is unwilling to end his life It ultimately refers to the saying "If someone told you to jump off a cliff, would you?" This clip sends a posittive message to young people, once again encouraging them to be independent and unique.

Famous people play a large role in young people's lives. When spotted smoking, this sends messages to teenagers, that it is acceptable. This can ultimately have a negative impact on the outcomes of their lives.

Homer, The SimponsIn this recording, Homer suggests that alcohol is the solution to life's problems. This is false as alcohol is detrimental to our physical and mental health. This recording has a negative effect on teenagers as it suggests that drinking alcohol is beneficial as a coping mechanism.

Chocolates & Cigarettes by Angus and Julia StoneThis song suggests that smoking is "cool" and that when you are unhappy it is acceptable. It then goes on to say that she'll grow old. This is particularly naive as smoking can cause a multitude of illnesses, shortening your life expectancy. This song has a negative impact on young people as it allows them to believe that smoking is simply a part of our complicated lives.

Chocolates & CigarettesLiving on a diet of Chocolates & CigarettesI wanna call you againIll drink tea sometimes when its coldThis is getting oldI call you againStill too young to fail, too scared to sail awayBut one of these days Ill grow oldAnd Ill grow brave and Ill goOne of these days


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