The Mechanical Reaper

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by JosieBertrand
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Inventors and Inventions

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The Mechanical Reaper

The Mechanical Reaper

•We would have less ways to get food•A great leap in the industrial revolution•Allowed education for men and children to increase•More food in less time•People lost jobs though

•Born into a Virginia farmer’s family•Inherited the idea from his father•Made it something at the age of 22•Founded McCormick Harvesting Machine Company•Died May 13, 1884

•Increased the ability to cut wheat•The demand for slaves grew•Helped grow the population•1 person could do the job of 5 in 1 day•Grain production increased

•It grew in the U.S.•The U.S. didn’t have to import as much food•Agriculture became a big export•Eastern markets grew•Lowered labor cost

Impact on Society

Impact on Economy

Impact on History


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