The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner

Dashner explores many different themes in this novel including building relationships, this is shown by how he struggles towards the new enviroment but eventually finds his way with the new people.This relates ot the wider world through things such as finding new friends at a new school, which I personally have had to endure once before.

The Maze Runner is a fictional novel by James Dashner, which depicts the story of a boy named Thomas who wakes up one day in a grassy open area called The Glade, which is surrounded by a huge maze. He forgets everything about himself apart from his name.


The Maze Runner

In this novel the author uses many different techniques to convey this idea and show how it relates to the wider world and me. One of these techniqes is emotive language. Dashner uses this to help the reader understand the struggle that Thomas is going through and how he makes it through these tough times.



Another theme that Dashner explores is change and having to adapt to that change. This rapid change of being dropped in the middle of nowhere and then having to adapt.This also strongly relates the same way as I stated previously in that moving to the school requires a lot of adaption for change.

Themes and how they relate to the Wider World and Me

More Themes and how they relate to the Wider World and Me

Thsi book also uses imagery to describe the areas in which this story takes place, from the Glade to the maze to the people Thomas meets along the way.Although there was a movie made out of this book before I saw the movie and read the book I could easily visualise everything that was described

More Techniques


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