The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner


After arriving at the Glade surrounded by towering stone walls, Thomas awakens in an elevator shaft. Thomas has no memory. Gladers introduce and welcome him to his new, changed life. Similar to Thomas, the Gladers are uncertain how and why they arrived at the Glade. Behind the massive stone walls lay a challenging and detailed maze, as well as gruesome creatures which appear at night. After Thomas learns information regarding the maze, he quickly joins the Gladers and attempts to discover new, possible features the Maze comprises. Thomas convinces others escape routes are hidden within the maze walls. Can Thomas and the Gladers figure their way out of the maze?

The Maze Runner is a post-apocalyptic fiction, action packed, young adult book. As a reader of The Maze Runner, I was interested in every chapter. This book is filled with many surprising moments which kept me engaged in the story. Once Thomas joins the Gladers and becomes a "runner" for the group, he continues to solve the puzzle of the maze. Despite the gruesome, terrifying, creatures, known as "Grievers" which creep throughout the maze at night, waiting for their next kill, Thomas battles all obstacles and never gives up. If you are looking for an action packed, post-apocalyptic fiction novel with much suspense, The Maze Runner is the perfect option for you!

A girl unexpectingly arrives at the Glade. After becoming familiar with the maze, she quickly joins the group of Gladers.

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