The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner

Grievers are half robot half animal monsters that live in the maze. They have poisonus stingers that can make you remember things about your past. Thomas purposely gets stung to find out why they are there.

Thomas is the main character in this story. He is brave and determind to help his friends, no matter what the cost. He is the "greenbean" which means he is the new boy. He is not given that much respect, but quickly proves himself.

SummaryThe only thing Thomas remembers is his name. When he arrives in the Glade, he is not like the other boys; he is curious. The "Glade" is the area where the "gladers" live. The massive walls of the maze surrounds the Glade and cut off the gladers from the outside world. Thomas wants to know what is in the maze and who put them there. Not only that, but he is set on getting them out. However, the creators didn't make it easy. They face many challenges, including hideous grievers. Along with these hardships, Thomas faces the one question he can't stop asking. Who am I?

WICKED is good. That is one thing that Thomas remembers when he is stung. WICKED is the name of the organization that put them in the Glade.

Gally and Thomas were enemies. The first time they met, they recognized each other. Gally knew Thomas was from his past. He associated Thomas with bad memories, but he didn't know why. Gally automatically hated Thomas and was determind to get everyone else to hate him. Gally was the antagonist in the story, and caused lots of trouble for Thomas and his friends.

I give this book four stars because it is interesting and has lots of suspense. I think the book is better than the movie because they left out details that would have made the movie better.

James Dashner is the author of The Maze Runner series. He has loved writting ever since he was little and is glad he is an author. He likes to watch movies, ski, and read. He grew up in Georgia, and now live with his wife and four kids in the Rocky Mountains.

Minho, Thomas and Newt

Minho is the keeper of the runners. This means he is in charge of the runners. Runners explore the maze, trying to find a way out. Minho is everyone's friend, especially Thomas'. He was my favorite character in the book.

The Maze Runnerby: Natalie Rubio 8B19


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