The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner



Brandi #8

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The main character as well as the narrarator of the story. Doesn't know anything about his life except for his name, basic facts about animals, colors, words, etc. He wants to become a Runner in the Maze, but his fellow buddies tell him otherwise. His dream beomces reality when two of the guys are stuck in the Maze, inching closer and closer to safety. He went in to help, only becoming trapped himself.

Overall the main conflict is the fact that all of the children are basically trapped in their village. There is a big wall that opens everyday. On other side of the wall is the maze.There are runners that will go out into the maze to see if they can find an exit to the real world. This is really hard considering the maze changes its shape everyday.


The Glade is a meadow the size of several football fields surrounded by gigantic walls that fall in the middle of a vast maze formed by walls of ivy. No escape. Just the Maze, and the walls.Inside the Maze are ferious beasts called Greivers. They attack at night.

The right hand man to Alby. Minho told Alby about the "dead" Griever in the Maze. So Alby went to examine the dead Griever with Minho, but gets stung when it comes to life.


She was the first girl of the Glade. She slipped into a coma, she got medical care. When she woke up, she rememebred that the Maze is a code. She also wrote the word WICKED on her arm. But when she awoke, she was thrown into the Slammer by Alby with no trust. While Minho and Thomas were in the Maze, Teresa was While Thomas and Minho are running around in the Maze, Teresa was deciphering the code.

When Teresa told people about the code, she started to decode it with the help of the boys. Meanwhile, Thomas and Minho were inside the Maze trying to survive.


The leader of the RunnersAlby and Minho tried to retrace Ben's steps in the Maze.But Alby is stung unconcious. Minho appeared dragging Alby but is unable to reach the entrance of the Maze in time. Thomas runs into the maze to try and help, but results in trapping himself too.

Author: James Dashner


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