The Maze Runner Project 4

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The Maze Runner Project 4

Arising in a box into an environment called the Glade, surrounded by a massive maze, Thomas has one thing to hold onto…his name, and that is all. All the boys in this society have had their memories wiped clean. Thomas is different though. He discovers that he did this to his fellow "gladers" by working with W.I.C.K.E.D. (World In Destruction Kill Zone Experiment Department) who left them in this predicament. His quest changes from helping WICKED to aiding his newfound friends. He is smart, brave, kind and intuitively good.

She is the last one EVER. This is the note found clutched in her hand when she arrives from the box along with the words "wicked is good" etched on her arm. With these peculiar words in mind and being the only female, Thomas knows he and Teresa are linked somehow. To their surprise, they are able to communicate telepathically. How are they connected? Lovers, siblings? Should he trust her? Those answers await us in the series continuation.

The Hero

The Girl




The "Maze Runner" has been compared to William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" and the hit TV show "Lost", but it has an interesting twist. All of the characters have no recolection of their past...and who is the girl?

Is the author trying to warn us of something? Could we work together to make a better world? The boys were able to prove that yes, it can be done! To achieve this, they demonstrated that through proper leadership, unselfishness and the reliance of our innate instinct to naturally do the right thing, society can be made whole again. Good still conquers evil.

Our World

In this futuristic world, we know very little why the world is in destruction since it is the first book of a series. After three years of trying to find a way out by the gladers, upon Thomas' arrival; in only three days, he determines that they are not in a prison, but in a test. As he takes on his new leadership role, some choose to follow him and fight the evil in the maze and some stay behind in the glade all the while unknowing that they are being tested on the choices they make. Will the good survive? Do they find a way out? Ultimately, to WICKED's suprise, most of them do in this phase of their trials.

Their World

New Dystpian Hero

Fun Fact

By: James Dashner

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