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The Maze Runner- Keziah P7

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The Maze RunnerJames Dashner


"If you ain't scared... You ain't human.""You're the shuckiest shuck-faced shuck there ever was." - The Maze Runner

About the Author

James Dashner is an outstanding author of several books such as : The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order, and The Eye of Minds. Which are all--- by the way, the series of The Maze Runner. Not only that, but James Dashner has also won 3 HUGE awards! James Dashner knew he wanted to be a writer after reading books by Stephen King, Judy Blume, and Dean Koontz. Before James became a writer, he earned a master degree for accounting. Which he recently quit, for a full time job of writing.

“ Nice to meet ya, shank.” The boy said. “ Welcome to the Glade!” Have you ever seen The Maze Runner movie? Did you like it? Well if you did, you’ll like the book even more! In my point of view, The Maze Runner, is far by the best book you will EVER read in your whole entire life. But first of all, here’s a little summary about “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner.The genre of The Maze Runner is Science Fiction. The Maze Runner takes place in a dystopia called “ The Glade.” The Glade is an unpleasant area, where you will find four prodigious walls surrounding the gladers---which is what people in The Glade refer to themselves. Every grey wall has an opening called the “Doors” that closes every night around dawn then opens every morning, it’s impossible to ever live through a night in the Maze without getting stabbed or punctured by “Grievers.” Grieves are beastly creatures that try to kill/sting the Gladers. There is only one way to cure someone from the sting is by using the Grief Serum. Which can also store back all the memories, that was taken from the Gladers. Speaking of the Gladers, let’s talk about the main characters.The protagonists of this story is Thomas. Thomas is the main character of this mind-blowing book. Thomas arrives in a shadowy elevator, and suddenly he’s there in The Glade with Alby, Newt, Chuck, Minho, Gally, Teresa, and more. Thomas guessed he was around 16. He doesn’t know for sure because every Glader loses their memory before entering The Glade. Later in the book, he has made a witty comrade whose name is “Chuck.” Chuck is little, pudgy boy around 12- 13 years young. Throughout the book, Chuck shows Thomas around. Alby is also another Glader, who is the leader of the Gladers. Alby is around 19 years old. If something happened to Alby, Newt would be his backup. Newt is around 16 or 17. years old. Newt has blonde hair, and was a former Maze Runner. A Maze Runner is a Glader who runs through the Maze during the day, trying to find a way out of the Maze, but for 2 years no one has ever found a way out. Speaking of Maze Runners, Minho, is the leader of the Maze Runners. He tries finding the way out, taking notes on how the mazes changed, and etc… Teresa is aalso another Glader in this book. Teresa came in the elevator a day after Thomas did. Although, she was unconscious. Her and Thomas have a connection somehow. Maybe lovers? They don't know. Last but not least, Gally. Gally is the antagonist of this story, he’s around 15-16 years old. He seems very envy of Thomas; because right when Thomas enters The Glade. Everything starts to change, the dead Griever, Ben trying to murder Thomas, the disappearance of the sun, and a whole lot more! Through the middle of the book, during the meeting, Gally sets foot out in the maze, and left no track at all. He was found nowhere in the maze, nor was his body.


Theme: The theme of the book is to sacrfice anything for friendship, no matter what.


I relished this book so much! I would LOVE to recommend this book to everyone who loves to read: danger, action, and mystery. I would recommend this book because of the intensity that grabs your attention There's always a surprise in every corner! The mood of this book is funny, exciting, and towards the end is one very sorrowful scene. My most beloved part of the book was when Thomas briskly bolted out towards the maze right before it closed for the night, just to save Alby, and Minho! This really showed how Thomas was brave, and pure-hearted, because he sacrificed his life to save others.

Dylan O'Brien played the part of Thomas in The Maze a Runner Movie.


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