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The Maze Runner

The Maze RunnerJames Dashner

AntagonistGally plays a strange,isolated kid in The Maze Runner partly because he was stung by a griever and has went through the changing. Gally shows extreme hatred when he first sees Thomas, stating that he saw Thomas when went threw the changing and that Thomas is a spy for the creators of the Glade.

SummaryThe Maze Runner is a story of a boy named Thomas who finds himself surrounded by teenage boys in an unknown place called the Glade. Not remembering anything but his name, Thomas sets out to get answers. Sadly enough everybody around him is as clueless as him. Things get worse when the first girl arrives to the Glade, with a breath taking message. Thomas is faced with even more problems by trying to find a way out of the glade and figuring out his weird connection to the mystrious girl.

SettingsThe Gladers stand enclosed by four gigantic, stone walls covered in massive ivy forming a perfect square around a lawn several times the size of a football field. On each side of the wall lays a huge opening parallel to each other. These openings lead to a maze beyond the Glade.

Theme: Never give up, because there is always hope

Favorite Quote"Then she spoke one sentence--her voice hollow and haunted but clear."Everything is going to change." "(page 57, James Dashner)

Internal ConflictThomas is still figuring out new things about the Glade everyday while stressing about finding a way out of it and keeping his promise to bring Chuck back home, while struggling to learn how to talk to Teresa through his mind without people finding out the weird connection they have.

ProtagonistThomas is the main character in The Maze Runner. He plays a brave, friendly, and gracious character in the book. For example he risks his life in order to save a injured boy stuck in the maze by spending a all whole night running away from grievers. Thomas also promises his best friend, Chuck, that he will get him out of the miserable Glade and bring him back home to his family.

External ConflictThomas and the Gladers are puzzled by the strange things that have been happening lately. A girl coming to the glade announcing that things were going to change Their leader, Alby, getting stung by a Greiver and going through the mysterious changing and the never ending search to find a way out of the Glade.


Falling Action: Thomas runs into the maze when he sees Minho and Alby limping back to the glade while the walls are seconds away from closing.

Resolution The Gladers find a way out of the maze. Read the book to find out how!!!!!

ClimaxThe climax of the story is when the first girl glader, Teresa, comes to the glade with a breath taking message. After the incident, The glade was never the same. Teresa would be the very last one. Ever.

ClimaxThe climax of the story is when the first girl glader, Teresa arrives with a breathtaking message for the Gladers. After this incident the glade is never the same. Teresa is the very last one. Ever.


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