[2014] aaliyahpa8 (Grieve): The Maze Runner

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[2014] aaliyahpa8 (Grieve): The Maze Runner

Imagine you woke up in a steel wall-to-wall cage, all alone. Not able to remember anything. You can't remember how you got there, what your name is nor who you are. That's what happened to Thomas. Once the cage stopped moving,the cage then started to open and Thomas was then greeted from a group of people. Alby- one of the gladers- introduced Thomas to everyone and the area exept for one part. The Maze. Big tall stone walls with moss and vines surrounded The Glade. No one is allowed to going into the Maze exept for the runners who run through the maze everyday before they close every night. Thomas wonders how he got to this palce and demands for an awnser on how he got here or who he is but no one can answer that. The Gladers -minus Thomas- have been in The Glade for two years and havent gotten anywhere with the maze exept for that everyday, a new section opens up. Now Thomas and The Gladers need to find a way out of the Glade. But there is a dangerous killing creature out in the maze that they need to avoid. Grievers are dangerous creatures that will not hesitate to kill a Glader. One day, the box that Thomas came in started to open once again. It was another person. But this person was a girl. She had a note in her hand saying ' She's the last one, EVER'. She then woke up and was very nervous just as Thomas was when he arrived. Once everyone got to know the girl,-They learned her name was Teresa- they decided to find a way out of the maze because everything was changing. The sky, the supplies, the maze doors not close at nights. Thomas and the Gladers decided that it was time to get out of the maze and find 'The Creators' who made the maze and dumped them there. They must find a way out without dying and get to the bottom of why there are here. Will the gladers get out without dying? Read the book to find out!

The characters in this book are: Thomas Teresa JeffGally FrypanNewt ChuckMinho AlbyAs a group, these people were called "The Gladers". Each of them had a job to do everyday. Example: Frypan is the chef, Minho is a Runner, Alby is the leader. These guys range from age 12-20 although none of them actually knew their age.

The Maze RunnerBook Report

A Griever is a creature that lives in the maze and kills any Glader it sees. The Griever usually comes out after dark and uses spikes, shears, and rods to attack its victium. A Griever could also sting a Glader to make then go through 'The Changing'. If they are not cured but a serum, they could die.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars

The setting of the book is The Glade and the Maze. The Glade is a flatland area with flat land and grass and the other half is a forest with trees. The Maze is tall stone pillars with vines and moss surrounding The Glade. Ther Gladers live int The Glade and must escape by going through the maze.

By: Aaliyah Paul


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