[2014] Sarah Nalley: The Maze Runner

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[2014] Sarah Nalley: The Maze Runner

The theme of the novel Maze Runner is that you cannot do things on your own. It is always better to work together than fight over individual decisions. This theme is demonstrated throughout the novel like when Thomas finds a way to escape the Maze. At first everyone thought he was a traitor but then they realized that he was trying to find a way for everyone to escape. This was the best option they had for survival and they had to trust Thomas and work together to support his escape. So forty-two Gladers volunteered to battle the Grievers and create a diversion while Thomas, Chuck and Teresa found the exit from the Maze. Twenty-one Gladers lost their lives so that that others could be free. Only together could they achieve their goal of escape.


Author: James Dashner

Book report

Name: Sarah Date: October 12, 2014



Title: The Maze Runner

Do you like the book?

The main characters in this book are: Thomas, Newt, Alby, Teresa, Chuck and Minho. They are not typical teenagers. The teenagers in this book act like grownups in this story. They take responsibility and lead their fellow teenagers to survive the grievers and all the “Variables” the creators of the Glade throw at them. Thomas is a confused child at the beginning but then he starts to become a leader who helps the kids out of the Glade. He risks his life to get stung by the Grievers so that he can go through a process called “the changing”. The changing allowed Thomas to remember that he helped design the Glade and he knew the exit. Newt and Alby are the official leaders of the teens in the Glade. They make most of the decisions and they help Thomas with his plan for escape. Newt ends up becoming Thomas’s friends in the end. Chuck is originally Thomas’s guide for the Glade but the two end up becoming really good friends. Chuck and Thomas end up making it out of the Glade and the Maze but unfortunately Chuck dies in the process. Minho is the keeper of the Runners. The Runners are the people who go out into the Maze during the day to try and find a way out. Minho teaches Thomas about the, what to look for and how to record the maps in the special map room. Teresa is the first girl to be brought into the Glade. She is in a coma for most of the book but she ends up becoming very close with Thomas when she wakes up. She gives him ideas and keeps him company when he is alone. These characters are not very stereotypical. They are all very unique in personality. I really like the characters in this story for their personalities and actions. They are very interesting and kept me interested in the story.

This book had a very unique story line that made it very interesting. It also was very detailed in the descriptions of the scenery like the ivy covered stone walls and the slug like machines called Grievers. The characters, their personalities, and the way the characters bonded and acted around each other also made the story very interesting. Their relationships were intriguing and realistic. For example, Gally felt like he knew Thomas from life before the Glade and was convinced he was evil. Gally tried to convince the other Gladers that Thomas was not a good person and that he must be sent to the maze to be killed by Grievers. This created a lot of tension in the book because Gally definitely had supporters who thought badly of Thomas. The book definitely made me feel a lot of emotions. At times I felt like I was a part of the story. For example I felt actual hate for the Creators and what they did by imprisoning teenagers in the Glade. It was a genuine feeling that I have rarely ever felt when reading a book. As a result, I enjoyed reading the Maze Runner because I felt like I was a part of the story and one of the Gladers.

I like the Book!

Thomas woke up in an elevator not knowing who he was, where he was and what was going on. All of the sudden a door opened above him and he was greeted by many unknown kids. All the kids were male teenagers. It took him about a day or two to figure out that he had been sent to a place called the Glade. The Glade was an area about the size of a football field that had 4 giant walls surrounding it. The kids who live inside the Glade called themselves Gladers. Outside of the Glade was the “Maze” that the kids who lived in the Glade had to find their way out of and escape to freedom. Thomas realized that he could help by going out into the Maze to find an exit. But the Maze was dangerous. Inside the Maze Grievers lived. Grievers were half animal half machine creatures that looked like slugs and killed the kids from the Glade. At one point in the story, the doors to the elevator that brought Thomas to the Glad opened again. A new person had come to the Glade and this time it was a girl - the first girl in the history of the Glade. The problem was she was in a coma but her mind was still active. With her mind the girl triggered something that caused the doors of the Glade not to close. This meant that the Grievers that come at night in the Maze out could attack the kids inside the Glade. The Gladers really needed to find a way out.



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