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The Maycomb Tribune

The Maycomb Tribune

Wednesday, September 18th, 1935

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Yesterday: Negro, Tom Robinson, 25 was found guilty under the charge of the rape of Mayella Ewell, 19. He was reported to have been asked for help by the young women, but soon after attacked her. She was found beaten and bruised by her father, Bob Ewell. Robinson was tried yesterday at the Moycomb County Courthouse and presided by Judge Taylor. The prosecutor was Mr. GIlmer and Robinson's court appointed defendent was Mr. Finch. The crowd for the trial was one of the biggest crowds every seen in Maycomb Country, and included many negroes as well. The crime took place on November 21st of last year had been awaiting trial ever since. Robinson claimed to have been come on to by the young women, but Miss. Ewell disagreed. Robinson has now been charged with the death penalty, but awaits a fedral hearing of the case, before further actions take place. He will be held at Enfield Prison Farm, until further notice.

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We’ve seen through the TomRobinson trial the injustice in ourcommunity. The only solution tothis is in our future generations; wehave to raise our kids differently.As citizens of Maycomb we must redirectourselves toward a bettertomorrow and treat every citizenno matter of ethnic backgroundequally. After this trial we havewitnessed sorrow and a negativedivision amongst us as neighborsfor a man accused of a crime whichevidence clearly shows he did notcommit. After a verdict of TomRobinson being charged guilty wecan clearly see that there areissues that must be addressed inorder to re-form not only Maycombbut the society with the prejudicewe live in.

What We've LearnedbyAtticus Finch

"You Only Live Once"

Tim JohnsonTim Johnson, shown left, was the dog of Mr. Johnson. He was known to his master asa great hunting dog. Last month, Tim Johnsonran the streets in a madend rage and was sadly put down. It is now known that Tim didhave rabies, but Mr. Johnson says he has no idea how his dog could have gotten it.We give our condolences to the Johnson Family at this time of mourning. A service will be held at Maycomb Baptist Church this Tuesday at 2:00 pm as his body is put to rest.


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