The Mayas

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The Mayas

In 1200 the Mayan world is fragmented into 16 separate domains.Each policy had the following structure:1. Halach Uinic2. Ah Holpop3. Nacom4. Ahuacán5. bataboob6. Ah Cuch Caboob

They invented gum resin extracted from a tree known as zapote.They made the noble children were crossed, for it placed on his head a cord with a figurine in the end they fell before the eyes, very close, so forced to look view. Being cross-eyed was a status symbol.They buried the dead at his home or at the neighbors.After a ball game killed the losing team. It is believed that could also be played in a fun, but the game was mostly a power struggle between the dominant group.Most of the pyramids painted blue and blood red.When dying is also a noble sacrifice his servants to be buried with him.They used the same word to refer to love and pain.



Is divided into three sections: the northen, central and southern regions.Between the ruling class and the farmer laborer.


Donde vivian?

Mayas worked from agriculture, farming, hunting and fishing. They commercial system was very advanced and had textile, potter and metallurgical industry.



Los Mayas aparte de vivir en Copan, también vivan en el Oeste de Honduras, en el Sur de México, Guatemala y Belice.

Had a fairly advances writing skills,like the Egyptians.Calendars were calculated in different ways. One of them in a very period long period of time.


The Mayas believed in more than 165 gods for example: - Itzan ná- Kinch Ara- Ek Chuah- Aj Mun

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