The Mayan Genocide

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The Mayan Genocide

When the soliders attacked the villages, they would take the people who were tortured but havent died yet and burn them. Some of the burn victims who weren't completly burned, were used as a symbol of threat.

The Mayan Genocide

Stage 2: Symbolization

The native Mayans were called barbaric and primitive. Also, while the other people of the villages were being tortured and killed, their family, neighbors and friends were forced to watch.

Stage 3: Dehumanization

Guatemala remains a polarized society. The structual injustices and problems that led to the initial conflict has mostly been ignored.

The Guatemalan army were trained by the U.S.A. They were taught how to raid houses, interrogation techniques, and surveillance.

The Gautemalan army started operation Sophia, which aimed at Indian guerrilla warfare by destroying the civilization base, in which they hid. This program mainly targeted the Mayan population, who were believed to be supporting the guerrilla movements.

Stage #6: Preparation

The murders were done by a special military union called "The Kaibles". They would take out entire villages of people. The bodies were disposed of by being throwen in the ocean or buried in a secret cemetary.

The Guatemalan Gonvernmntent never offically acknowledged the report and there was no attempt to bring the responsible to justice. After the release of the documents, the Minister of Defense said that the report was "partially true".

Stage #8: Denial

Stage #7: Extermination

Stage #4: Organization

The Mayans were targeted by their religion, race, ethnicity or nationality.

Stage 1:Classification

Stage #5: Polarization


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