The Matter of Trust

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The Matter of Trust


A Matter of Trust

~Anne Schraff is the Author of A Matter of Trust. ~Grew up in Clevland, Ohio.~Received both her bachelor's and master's degrees ~Taught high school for 10 yearsHer background and her Multicultural neighborhood was her inspiration.

Darcy Wills a teenage girl goes on a wild Jorney in the book A Matter of Trust. Someone that used to be special to her came back unexpectedly after 5 years. She finds out why her ex-bestfriend is so mad at her and always chasing after the things she wants.

What is this book about?


-Darcy Wills is a teenage girl who likes one of her bestfriends. She is intelligent, helpful, and forgiveful -Hakeem Randall who is one of Dacrys bestfriends, Hakeem is also a music prodigy. Hakeem has a bad stutter when he talks in front of crowds. Darcy's love interest.-Brisana Meeks is Darcys ex-bestfriend it used to be just the two of them. Darcy started hanging out with "the zeros" a group Brisana despises. She tried to take Hakeem from her to show her how it feels to be left all of a sudden.

"Now you know how it feels to be dumped. You and I, were friends,and you dropped me the second you got your trashy friends." - Brisana Meeks"Hey, you free to go out after school today? I thought we'd grab some tacos and go down to the beach and maybe watch the sun go or something." - Hakeem Randall



The theme of A Matter of Trust is keep you friends close but your enemies even closer.


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