The Maryland Colony Social Life

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The Maryland Colony Social Life

There were no rules about what religion you could follow. They passed a law called,"Act of Religious Tolerance" in 1649. In 1692, The anglican Church became the main church of the colony.

The Maryland Colony Social Life


In the Maryland colony, men wore long length shirts and breeches. Breeches are pants that fastened at the knee. Most men wore hats with large brims. Men often wore coats to protect them from the rain or the cold.

Women usually wore long gowns, skirts, or dresses. They wore caps so there hair would not show. They often wore aprons and most of there clothes were laced together.

Colonial Clothing

Preston Malone

In the Maryland colony, farmers grew crops. They grew wheat, corn, and rice. The colonists also ate meat. They often hunted and ate deer meat. They often ate beef and pork. They woud dry it out or lightley salt the meat so it would last longer.


Kids in the Maryland colony often did not go to school. Only the upper class kids went to school. They learned to read, write, do simple math and of course learn about God. Kids that did not go to school learned from there parents. There parents also taught them how to do jobs. Boys often worked in the field with their dad and girls worked in the kitchen with their mom.


Kids in the colony played just like kids today do. They just did not have technology we do. They still played wih toys like little kids do today, but they had to make their own toys. When it was time to work they had corn shucking contests to see who get their work done the fastest. Kids often used the corn husks to make dolls.

Fun Activities

The peope in the Maryland colony usually got around by walking, horseback, and riding in a carriage. Since there was no cars back then, people walked most of the time. Kids would walk to school, and people would walk wherever they needed to go. Whenever people needed to take supplies with them they went horseback so the horse could carry the supplies.



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