The Marx Brothers

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The Marx Brothers

Who Were the Marx Brothers?They were a family whom brought comedy onto theatres, shows and movies. - Julius Henry (Groucho) - Leonard (Chico) - Adolph (Harpo) - Herbert Manfred (Zeppo) - Milton (Gummo)

The Marx BrothersBy Rosee Xiong

Their Rise to Fame

The Marx brothers were one of the biggest comedy acts in Vaudeville. After their sucuessful show they attempted to launch their own film and company resulting in a disaster. They went bankrupt in 1923, unemployed until Gaites made the brothers a new act, I'll Say She Is. Their performance made it on the Sun newspaper and made the brothers welthy and they continuued on with their career, running into some obsticles and suceeding past the roaring 1920s and into fame.

Groucho Marx: In the 1930's Groucho's face and voice has become iconic. Marx Glasses with an attached nose and mustache appears every halloween. Groucho Glasses!

Why Were the Marx Brothers Significant in the 1920s?- The Marx brothers brought comedy to the theatres and television shows. They were one of the biggest Comedy Acts in Vaudeville and in the 1920s the starred in 3 hitshows onBroadway.


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