The Martian

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The Martian

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Mark Watney and his crew are on a mission on Mars when a severe dust storm hits and they must abort the mission. As they are trying to reach their ship, Watney is struck by an antenna, knocked well out of sight, and presumed dead not only by his crew, but also by NASA and the rest of the world. He wakes up, however, and now must find a way to make food, and communicate with Earth to tell them he is alive and so they can get him home. After having found a way to grow potatoes, he sets out on a journey to recover the old Pathfinder Mars lander in order to communicate with NASA. He plans with NASA to be picked up in 4 years by the next Mars exploration crew, under the assumption that his crops will last him a good portion of that time and that NASA can get a probe to him carrying supplies. Unfortunately, Watney's habitat ruptures, causing all of his crops to die. He was able to collect some already grown potatoes, but they wouldn't be enough to last him until the already scheduled arrival of the probe carrying the supplies. Becaue of this, NASA tries to rush the the probe, but it fails during launch. China offers to help in sending one of their own probes, which is ultimately accepted, but in a way not originally planned. The other proposed idea is to have Marks crew slingshot their way back to Mars after picking up the supplies in the probe, have Mark use the next Mars mission's ship to meet with his crew mid-flight, and then head back to earth together. The crew directly disobeys orders to continue to Earth, instead changing their trajectory back to Mars to pick up Mark, forcing NASA to follow suit. Mark then traverses a perilous journey to get to the next Mars Mission's ship, launches, and is picked up by his crew.

I very much would recommend this book to any reader. It constantly floods you with with information about what Watney's doing, to make you feel like it's you who's doing these things. The book also shows a lot of great foreshadowing, creating awesome suspense, keeping you on your toes.

Mark Watney - Main Charcter; an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars and has to find a way to survive. "he's particularly resourceful and a good problem-solver." (Weir 145)Annie Montrose - NASA's public relations officialCommander Lewis - On board commander of Watney's crewMindy Park - NASA employee who discovers that Watney is still aliveMitch Henderson - Flight director of the missionTeddy Sanders - leader of NASARich Purnell - made the "Purnell maneuver"Venkat Kapoor - Director of all Mars operations

This book makes one thing clear about how easy our everyday tasks really are. Watney continuously shows a wealth of perseverance and determination, despite his odds of survival being so very, very slim. It's hard not to realize that with enough effort, anything can be done. The sole decider of whether or not something will get done is your work ethic, not the tasks difficulty.

By:Andy Weir

The Martian

Pages: 589

Genre: Science-FictionThe story very well goes with the science-fiction genre as it is a futuristic novel about space traveland life on Mars



Major Figures

The general theme is Man vs. Impossible Odds. The message is that you can do anything with enough perseverance and rational thinking. "I was already working out how to cover the breach with ice." (Weir 252) thinking.

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