The Martian

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The Martian

After a huge dust storm hits Mars and the Ares 3 crew immediately takes off, Astronaut Mark Watney finds himself stranded on the Red Planet. NASA organizes a rescue mission, as Watney uses his skills and wits to survive. After several months, NASA works with Watney to execute on an extraction to save him, which succeeds.

Plot Synopsis

The Martian takes place on Mars, with a portion of the story taking place at NASA Headquarters.



The Martian

The story is told through the eyes of Mark Watney, the main character and an astronaut. Supporting characters consist of the Ares 3 Crew, Venkat Kapoor, Teddy Sanders, and Rich Purnell.

In my opinion......

Mars Headquarters, AKA "The Hab"


Through Mark Watney, Weir depicts the value of determination and perseverance during hardship. On Mars, every solution to an problem brings more problems. However, Watney's will to continue allows him to overcome those problems, and inevitably leads to his survival.


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The Mars Horizon

One symbol I found in this book was the Taiyang Shen rocket. This rocket was given to NASA by the China National Space Agency(CNSA), who wished to help save Mark Watney. This rocket symbolizes teamwork, as well as humanity, because two different countries came together to cooperate in order to rescue one man.


Brian Bui

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