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The Martain

The Martian By:Grayson Russell

CharactersMark WatneyCommander LewisBeth JohanssenRick MartinezChristophere BeckAlex Vogal

SummaryThis book is about a Mark Watney, an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars. As the book progresses, he finds a way to build a homemade rover (MDV) and even grow edible crops. After a while, Mark finally gains communication with Earth, which is tragically lost in another sand storm. He then decides to drive across Mars' landscape to a completely different landing spot meant for future missions in hope of finding a way to communicate with Earth. The HERMES, the ship transporting his crewmates, is turned around to take the long trip back to Mars just as Mark is starting on the road leaving his only source of food, shelter and warmth. After a daring attempt at rescue, the story is resolved.

ThemeSurvivalAs Mark tries to stay alive he faces many hardships and eventually overcomes each one.

Figurative Language Pg. 10 “It will probably take 100 years or something.”Hyperbole-An exaggeration of time.

ConflictHe gets stranded on Mars. ResolutionAfter 3.5 years he finaly makes the launch for Hermes. They grab Mark and bring him on the ship.

SettingThe setting in The Martian is on Mars about 10 yrs in the future.

Protagonist:Mark Watney-Humorist,and optimisticAntagonist:Mars-Harsh wasteland,unforgiving

Recommendation: Older People-12-155 out of 5 stars

Favorite quote or passage: Pg.140“I’ve had my tantrum, now I need to figure out of to stay alive AGAIN.”This is my favorite passage because it shows how optimistic he is.

SymbolThe Hab is the only thing that actually keeps Mark alive.


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