The Mars Special

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The Mars Special

Spinoff Technology is inventions made by NASA that was changed and made compatible for modern day use. Toilets, clothes, shoes, and etc were first used for space travel.

We made a more powerful version of the phase change material.We also added the anti icing systems. If possible it would work on an astronaut, but if not it will be on the rocket ship. We also added the protective cool suits to make him survive on Mars. If they are sleeping then they can be safer if they are more immune to the cold and the hot temperatures.

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Spinoff Technology of Awesomeness

It functions with the cool suit by, the phase change material in the suit. The phase change material will be bulky and uncomfortable but if it was in little pieces it would be less protective but it will stil protect them from the cold and the hot. The cool suits are going to be inside before the astronauts put on the large equipment and with phase change material which will make it heat and cold resistant!

The anti icing system prevents from plane's wings from freezing when in the air, but whe decided to put it on the suit they where when they get out of the aircarft.

Cool suits prevent the human that's wearing it get to hot or cold, perfect when near the sun and far away from the sun.

If made small enough it can fit in the suit and save the heat from going out even more than before, that's why it should be added.


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The Mars special


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