The Mark Of Athena

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The Mark Of Athena

ThemesFriendshipLoyaltyTrustBelieve in YourselfFacing Your Greatest Fears

The Mark Of AthenaBy, Rick Riordan

Major ConflictMain Conflict are between the Main CharactersThey have to make tough decisions They need to learn to work together And The Gods/Goddesses need to figure out whether they are Roman or Greek. Without their help the Demigods will not be able to save the World and defeat the Gaints and Gaea.

Leo ValdezSon of Hephaestus

The Gods/Goddesses/Titans/GiantsAthena- Minerva (wisdom)Nemesis(Greek; Goddess of Revenge)Dionysus-Bacchus (Wine)Heracles-Hercules (Hero)Aphrodite-Venus (Love) Ephialtes and Otis (Greek;Brother Gaints)Gaea-Terra

Percy JacksonSon of Poseidon

Annabeth ChaseDaughter of Athena

Piper McLeanDaughter of Aphrodite

Jason Grace Son of Jupiter

Frank ZhangSon of Mars

Nico di' AngeloSon of Hades

Hazel LevesqueDaughter of Pluto

SettingsCamp JupiterArgo the SecondCharleston,SCFort Sumter, SCRome,Italy

...And don't forget Coach HedgeSatyr



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