The March on Washington

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African-American History

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The March on Washington

The March on Washington was a march to fight for non segregated areas all over the United States. In several places all over the U.S blacks were not allowed to use the same resources as the whites such as houses,bathrooms,water fountains,clothes,tourist attractions resteraunts and many other things they couldn't really get what they wanted. Even though slavery ended in1865 blacks were still treated unfairly.This caused blacks to stand up and fight back but in non-violent ways.


1865-Slavery ended1937-Black porters go on strike1950-Blacks start to fight back1955-Rosa Parks was arrested on a bus1956-Buses became non-segregated1963-Children's March1963-JFK Civil Rights Act speech1963-The March on WashingtonNovemeber 22,1963- JFK KilledJanuary 20,2009 Barack Obama became president

Birmingham Alabama was one of the most segregated areas. The south was more segregated the north.A fourteen year old was beaten to death during the Civil Rights Movement.During the Civil Rights Movement 3,500 blacks were lynched.Durning the Children's March of 1963 children had bricks thrown at them by the whites.The march cost $135,000The March was from a mall to the Lincoln Memorial.Only men gave speeches at the march.Martin Luther KIng Jr. was the last person to give a speech.

Lasting Impact

The March on Washington effected the lives of black's and whites all across America causing non-segregation.


What was the March on Washington?-Kathleen clip

The March on Washington

What was the March on Washington


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