The many hats of the president

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The many hats of the president

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What are Hats of the President?

Chief of State- performs ceremonial duties and stands as a symbol of the USChief Executive- Administers government programs, supervises governmental programsChief Diplomat- oversees relations with other counties, establishes foreign policy, writes treatiesChief Legislator- Proposes legislation, reports to congress, urges passage of needed billsChief Politician- lends party support for its candidates ("coattails" advantage)Commander in Chief- determines military strategy, maintains civilian control of armed forcesChief Jurist- pardon, appoints federal judges, enforces court decisions

The President of the United States wears 7 hats, each representing a specific role or job which he has to fulfill. Depending on the actions of the president, he can be wearing one, or more, of his seven hats. These hats are: Chief of StateChief DiplomatChief LegislatorChief PoliticianCommander in CheifCheif Jurist

The Many Hats of the President

What does each hat mean?

Chief Jusrist- Woodrow WIlson performed the most pardons of any president 2,480

Fun Fact

What hat is the President wearing in the photos??1. Commander in Cheif2. Chief Diplomat3. Chief Legislator

Can you think of some examples of how the President may wear more than one hat at once?

What hat is the President Wearing?

More than onehat?


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