The Manor

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The Manor

The manor had five main sections: the Manor House, a village for the serfs to live, the farmland, the meadows, and the woodland. Each section served a purpose and without all five of these sections the manor would not be able to survive.

The Manor

The Manor House wasn't built for protection, but it was built to show the wealth of the lord who owned it. Normally a Manor House had a Great Hall, kitchen, solar, storerooms, and rooms for the servants to live. The lord, his family, and their servants would live in the Manor House, but only the lord and his family would sleep in the solar.

The village was where the peasants lived. Peasants lived in one room, wooden houses with bundles of straw or reeds as roofs. Since houses were made of wood, all of the food had to be cooked outside so houses didn't catch on fire. When the peasants weren't in their houses or farming in the fields they might have been working in the mill or a blacksmith's shop. If they weren't doing any of these things they might have been in the village church or parsonage.

The farmland was where all of the serfs worked. The serfs were very smart in how they planted their crops and came up with a three-field farming system. One plot of land was plantedwith grain, one plot was planted with peas or beans, and one was left unplanted so there would be more nutrients and more plants would grow there next year.

The woodlands and meadows were a way to feed animals on the manor. Peasants didn't think to harvest food for animals and feed it to them so they just let animals eat their own food in the woodlands and meadows. Woodlands were also used to get the wood for making buildings and fires.


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