The Mandan Tribe

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The Mandan Tribe

Author: Jessica Dittman

Important Events:1738 - Visited by French-Canadian trader, Sieur de la Verendrye1796 - Visited by Welsh explorer, John Evans1804 - Visited by American explorers, Lewis and Clark1837 - Smallpox Outbreak1838 - Smallpox survivors banded together with members of the Hidatsa Tribe to form a new village

The MandanTribe

"The Mandans are at war with all who make war only, and wish to be at peace with all nations... Seldom the ogressors."-William Clark November 12, 1804

Housing The Mandan tribe was stationary. They resided in circular, dome-like clay-covered homes.


Mandan Village

Location:North Dakotaalong the banks of the Missouri, Heart and Knife Rivers

Food The tribe hunted buffalo and farmed corn, beans and squash.


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