The Man In Black

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The Man In Black

He is one of my favorite singers!!!

Johnny cash used a D'35 Maritn guitar for most of his career. He had played at many events while battling a drug addiction and hardships back home.

He toured throughout the U.S. And the U.K.. He had also went into the air force before he had started performing. He was stationed in Germany during the Korean War. When he had come back from the war he went to Sun records and tried out with his band the Tennessee Two. (It would turn into the Tennesse Three once Fluke holland joined on the drums)

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When Johnny cash broke out of his habits he clean and sober for some time but had a second bout of drug addiction in the eighties. With kicking it the second time he had a lot of health issues.

He spent most of his later years in the hospital.

In 2003 his wife since 1968 June carter cash

had past away three months later Johnny Cash had went also

The Man in Black

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