The Maledives

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The Maledives

The Maldives

Fun Facts about Maldives~Sign up for a trip to a coral reef when you can enjoy coco palm dhuni kolhs~ Enjoy a relaxing massage at the Coco Spa ~While having a trip over to a local Island, explore the culture of the Maldives~While on a nice boat cruise, you can spot the dolphins in the beautiful blue water~Sit back on your sun bed and watch the night veiw while drinking a cold lemonade and do nothing at all

The Maldives is all sea and its not a suprise that people who lives there eat fish. The most food people love is coconut, fish with barbeque and lots of seafood, their most popular breakfast is fish with barbeque that goe along with onions. They also love tuna, rice and bigeye scad

Glog by:Chloe Neal


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