The Magician

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The Magician

Beneath Paris

During the time when Paris was full of disease the graveyard started to over flow. When a person die, all they had were dirt thrown on there body, bone still visible. It got to the point that the person were thrown under Paris along with six million other people. This place is know known as the catacomb.

Mars Ultor

Mars Ultor is the God of War. He is known as the Avenger, Ares, and Nergal

The Twin of the Legend

The MagicianThe Secrets of The ImmortalNicholas Flamel Present By Kristine Huynh

Sophie and Josh Newman are powerful twin that have the power to save or destroy the world

Comete de Saint-Germain

Saint-Germain is a courtier in real life. In the story he is a immortalthat is a musician that is the Master of Fire. He is marriedto Joan of Arc in the story and helped Sophie in learning the magic of fire.

The Slave of the Dark Elder

Dee and Niccolo work for the Dark Elder. Dee in real life work for Queen Elizabeth and was one of the most well smartest men in his time. Niccolo was a Italian politician ' many other things. He and Dee is trying to capture the twin to bring the elder back into the human world and would stop at nothing to get there way.

Nicholas Flamel

Nicholas Flamel was a successful French scrivener and manuscript-seller.In the story he help Josh and Sophie train in the element of magic. The immortal drink that kept him and his wife alive for many hundred years is wearing off. He hope that before he die Josh and Sophie may save the human.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc help to reclaim France from England. In the story she help Sophie in controling her power.


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