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The Magic Thief Home

Book report

The characters come into place because Conn was a gutter boy at the beginning who was alone and he has to do stuff with Nevery because he can't do it alone. Also the author uses the setting to develop the theme by showing how there is a twilight which is where all the gutter kidsand poor people are, while the wizards have each other are in the sunrise and have their own islands to live on.

The Magic Thief Home, Prinease, Sarah

Character and setting

What happened first

It all started with Conn who was taken by the magics because he was at first alone like they were but now he has found himself and returned home. He is back and is in a wizard meeting with Ro, even though he did not want to be their but Ro said it was important due to the fact that Ro was going to make Conn the new ducal magister. All the wizards at the meeting were complaining because Ro had just announced Conn as ducal magister and the wizards were complaining because they thought Conn was still a gutterboy and a thief so they did not like him.

Then what happened...

What is the theme

The wizards are turning against each other due to the fact someone is stealing their locus stones, then Conn is caught and tries to stop them but cannot without his friends. Then Nimble one of the main wizards went from being a good wizard to a bad wizard due to the fact that kids were running the city.

The theme of the selection is that you are gonna need to have help because you can't do everything alone.


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