[2015] Drew Pustelnik: The Magdalene Sisters

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[2015] Drew Pustelnik: The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters

"rejected and scourned by all decent members of society"

From the 18th to late 20th century, magdalene laundries were institutions used to punish female sexuality through slave labor.

Although it started off as just a school project, "The Magdalene Sisters" has become one of my favorite movies and has sparked my interest in the topic of Magdalene laundries. Its historical accuracy has been debated between the Vatican and victims of the laundries since its premier, but it remains an exceptional and incredibly influential movie regardless. I would recommend the documentary "Sex in a Cold Climate" to anyone seeking further information on the topic.

"The movie is not so much an attack on the Catholic Church as on the universal mind-set that allows transgressions beyond all decency, if they are justified by religious hysteria. Even today there are women walled up in solitary confinement in closed rooms in their own homes in the Middle East, punished for crimes no more serious, or trivial, that those of the Magdalene laundresses." -Roger Ebert

Major Awards (IMDB)-British Independent Film Awards Best Ensemble Cast-London Critics Circle Film Awards British Film of the Year and British Director of the Year-Political Film Society Best Human Rights Film -National Board of Review Freedom of Expression of Award

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