The Lungs

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Human Anatomy

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The Lungs

Location: Thoracic cavity of the chestSize: Left long is about 10% smaller than the right lung due to the amount of lobes (right has 3 left has 2)

Function: The respiratory system conducts exchange of gases-oxygen and carbon dioxideParts of the lungs: * pleural membrane * parietal pleura *visceral pleura * pleural cavity *bronchi *alveoli * superior,inferior, and middle lobes

Laugh A Lot, Its Good For The Lungs.

Common Disorders* Asthma *Bronchitis *COPD*Cystic Fibrosis *Emphysema *Lung Cancer *Pneumonia*Pulmonary Edema*Tuberculosis *SIDS *SARS

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Interesting facts Human beings breathe about 22,000 times per day, breathing in 2100 to 2400 gallons of air each dayThe lungs consists of approximately 600 million tiny sacs called alveoli.

The LungsBy: Gianna Schutzer


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