The Luna Moth

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The Luna Moth

Short LifeTypically, Luna moths do not live over a week. Their only purpose in their short life is to find a mate and reproduce. A female can lay up to 200 eggs after she has reproduced. Then, she and her mate will die together in a matter of minutes after the eggs have been laid.

Two-week-old Cocoon

The Life of a Lunar MothLunar moths lay their eggs in walnut trees. Once they hatch, the caterpillars begin eating leaves and molting as they grow. Once they’re mature enough, the caterpillars become pupa. They spin silk from their mouths and wrap themselves in leaves. After two-three weeks, the caterpillar is ready to emerge from the cocoon. After leaving the cocoon, the moth inflates the wings with blood. Then they are ready to find a mate.

Luna Moths only fly at night during spring and early summer!

What do they eat?Actually, luna moths don’t eat at all after they emerge from their cocoons. It is the caterpillars that do all of the eating. They eat sweetgum leaves, American berch leaves, white oak, and willow tree leaves.

The Luna Moth

Elizabeth Arroyo

Luna Moth Eggs


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