The Lumiere Brothers

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Inventors and Inventions

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The Lumiere Brothers

The Lumiere Brothers

Biography:I, Auguste Marie Louis Lumiere was born on October 19,1862, while I,Louis Jean Lumiere was born on October 5,1864. We are both from Besancon,France.We also have a sister,Jeanne,and a brother, Edouard who was killed in WWI.We were influenced by the artistic and technological interests of our father, Claude-Antoine Lumiere, an artist and award winning photographerWe both have different interests as well. I, Auguste enjoy biochemistry and medicine, which I will be apart of in the future, and I, Louis preferred physics.

Inventions:Besides the cinematographe we invented the photographic plates(1882), a method for measuring objects(1920), the first projected motion picture,which had the speed of 12 frames per second, and reinvented short films. I, Louis then invented the autochrome process, producing of color images, and relief cinematography techniques(1935). I, Auguste then investigated medical topics, such as tuberculosis, cancer, and pharmacology.

Cinematographe:This invention was used for recording films to show for screenings or audiences.In one device you could record, develop, and project motion pictures

" If the cinematographe had not been created I don't know what I would have done without the showings of the fun short films."

This invention is only $640.00. Buy it from the Lumiere Brothers Cinema Societe in Paris, France. If your a movie director or producer looking for an easier way to make films come to us!

"Have a break, have a cinematographe."


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